Removing Mold in Commercial Building Requires Special Safety Protocols

What About Mold in Large Commercial Buildings?

Detecting mold in residential properties is not that difficult since smell gets to you faster in a house due to how small they are compared to a whole building.

Nonetheless, mold in commercial buildings can even be more dangerous than in houses due to how many people it can reach. Regardless of that, you can address it if you know its sources and how to prevent the problem before it happens.

Are you scared of dealing with mold in your commercial building in the future? This is the page for you, so read on if you want to know more about mold in commercial properties.

Removing Mold in Commercial Building Requires Special Safety Protocols

Sources of Mold in Commercial Buildings

The first step to solving the mold issues in your building is to know the source of the mold, but it’s not that easy to do that since mold is not visible until it’s too severe. Indoor mold is often on wallpaper and ceiling tiles, so you can check those if you think you may be having a mold problem.

Pipe chases and walls close to furniture or vents can also be close to mold, and they should be the first spots you check when the office starts to smell. Mold may not be that dangerous, depending on its species, but get someone to check it out to prevent anything from happening.

How to Notice Mold in Commercial Buildings 

The problem with noticing mold is that the process is unpleasant since most people know there’s mold in their building because they smelt bad odors. Mold causes a smell similar to aging cheese and dirty clothes, and those are smells that are not common in commercial buildings, so you may have a mold problem if you get them in your office.

Water stains are also common when dealing with mold issues. However, if you let mold get to a more severe stage, you could even experience dizziness, allergy symptoms, and headaches.

How to Prevent Mold in Commercial Buildings

Preventing something from happening is the best way to deal with a problem, and mold is not an exception to that. We recommend you fix any leaks in your building since they are one of the main causes of mold in both residential and commercial buildings. The same happens with wet spots caused by moisture issues.

Vents should always be as clean as they can if you want to keep mold away from your building, and the same applies to other areas of the building in general. Dry out foundations as soon as you can, and keep humidity levels low.


We know it may be stressful to deal with mold issues in a big building, but you can handle the situation as long as you follow the tips given in this article. If you think you can still prevent mold from happening, do it, and if you are already suffering from this issue, call a certified mold remediation expert to address the situation as soon as possible.

You don’t want mold to worsen in your building since it can even cause health damage to you and your peers, so getting a quote with mold cleaners is one of the best investments you can do for your workspace.


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